Your oil service - new oil, new oil filter

Oil service Price

For vehicles using semi-synthetic oil           


For vehicles using fully synthetic oil                            £89.95

Starting from just £79.95, our oil service protects your car's engine by ensuring that your oil is fresh, free from contaminants, and that it properly lubricates your engine.


We replace the oil in your car with the manufacturer's recommended specification and fit a new oil filter.


Our entry-level service represents great value and gives you peace of mind that your engine oil is fresh and clean.

- Prices are based on an average family car, using approximately 5 litres of oil.

- Semi-synthetic price is based on 10W-40 oil.

- Fully synthetic price is based on 5W-30 oil.

- Cars requiring a higher quantity of oil or different oil type may be subject to an additional charge. Similarly, specialist oil filters may carry a supplement. We will always advise you of this before undertaking the service.