Great prices on batteries to keep you motoring

At North Road Garage, we're committed to driving down the cost of motoring.


And that's why we've been working closely with our trade partner to offer you excellent prices on new Bosch premium batteries. 


Our Bosch batteries come with a minimum 4 year warranty, and we fit them for 1p!


More details of this great offer can be found here.

Unbeatable warranty on Apec brake pads and discs

Good brakes are essential to your and other road users' safety. Because your brakes are so important, we recommend Apec brake pads and discs. 


Apec offer superb quality at excellent prices. That's why we fit them to our customers' cars. 


And if you want another reason to fit them to your car, check out our 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty on Apec brake pads and discs. Full details here.