Your full service - our gold standard

Full service Price
For vehicles using semi-synthetic oil            £179
For vehicles using fully synthetic oil £189

Your full service includes everything covered by the oil and interim service, and more.


In addition, we change your air filter, and your spark plugs / fuel filter (dependent on vehicle type). We also include a brake inspection and the effectiveness of your brakes is tested on our rolling-road. You'll receive a printed report on all the checks we've carried out, and a stamp in your service book. 


Our full service includes the following:

- drain and replace oil

- replace oil filter

- replace air filter

- replace spark plugs (petrol vehicles)

- replace fuel filter (diesel vehicles)

- fuel treatment additive (diesel vehicles)

- check external lights

- check windscreen wipers

- check washer bottle

- check coolant level

- check brake fluid

- check clutch fluid

- check automatic transmission fluid

- check fan / alternator belt tension

- tyre check

- brake inspection with minor adjustments made if required plus a rolling road test


And remember, if you book your MOT in conjunction with your full service, we will carry out the MOT for just £30.


In all, the full service represents excellent value for money and helps to protect both your car and its value.

- Prices are based on an average family car, using approximately 5 litres of oil.

- Semi-synthetic price is based on 10W-40 oil.

- Fully synthetic price is based on 5W-30 oil.

- Cars requiring a higher quantity of oil or different oil type may be subject to an additional charge. Similarly, specialist oil, air and fuel filters may carry a supplement.

- Prices are also based on four standard spark plugs. Cars requiring more plugs or platinum / iridium tipped plugs for example will also carry a supplement.

- If your petrol vehicle has a fuel filter external to the fuel tank, we can change it for a supplement.

- We will always advise you of this before undertaking the service.