Fantastic offer on new Bosch batteries

In our continuing mission to keep down the cost of motoring, we've negotiated fantastic prices on new, premium quality Bosch batteries.


Your car's battery needs to be in top working order to ensure you're not left stranded. Here at North Road Garage, you can rely on us to keep you on the road.


We offer the full battery service – we'll start by testing your current battery free of charge to see whether a new battery is needed. And if it is, we can typically get it in minutes from our trade partner.


And as if that wasn't enough, we'll even fit your new battery for 1p.


So why go anywhere else?


Our premium quality Bosch batteries come with a minimum 4 year warranty, and provide the following benefits:


  • Their quality exceeds or is equivalent to batteries used by car manufacturers in their new vehicles.
  • The batteries' technical and manufacturing specification results in great performance, including higher cold cranking amps.
  • Battery life is extended by using the latest manufacturing technologies, with increased internal corrosion resistance.
  • The range has been specifically designed to support new start/stop technology as well as normal usage.
  • A comprehensive range means that there's a battery suitable for every vehicle.